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French Without Tears

Another piece of fluff, this time by Terence Rattigan. It was amusing but unmemorable. I did think that given the abundance of French immersion classes for civil servants in this country, the setting could have been changed and the politics … Continue reading

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We did not plan to see this musical, but it was hot outside, the theatre was cool and we kept hearing how great it was, so we went. A wise decision as it turned out, as Jackie Maxwell did a … Continue reading

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Present Laughter

Noel Coward fluff, but good fluff. The characters are charming, even when they are behaving badly. Steven Sutcliffe was great as Garry Essendine, Claire Julien was his match as Liz Essendine. mary Haney gave a restrained performance as the long … Continue reading

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His Girl Friday

Not ready for prime time! A good cast, an amusing play, but not a good production. It seemed that director Jim Mezon could not decide if he was directing a farce, a melodrama or a romantic comedy, as elements of … Continue reading

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Another brilliant production from the National Theatre, Live. The concept of alternating performances, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller playing both the monster and Frankenstein, was sufficiently interesting to overcome the bad memories of a Canstage production from a … Continue reading

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The Matchmaker

What fun! A tremendous performance to finish opening week on a high note. Director Chris Abraham took full advantage of the comedic talents of his cast, adding tremendous physical comedy to the amusing dialogue of Thornton Wilder. This could have … Continue reading

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Wonderful, amazing, brilliant, fabulous – all are adjectives that came to mind during and after this show! There are many reasons this play is not frequently performed. The plot is complicated; it is difficult to describe what it is about … Continue reading

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