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The Devil’s Disciple

I would not have described this as one of my favourite Shaw plays, but this was a terrific production. Pacing was great and the cast was superb.Evan Buliung was terrific as Dick Dudgeon – he carried the show, although he … Continue reading

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Brief Encounters

Another three of the Coward Ten. Different cast, but still a set of virtuoso performances. Deborah Hay was so quiet and intense in Still Life- hard to believe she was Louise Charteris later that afternoon and Billie Dawn later in … Continue reading

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The Entertainer

A star vehicle, and Benedict Campbell certainly stood up to the role, delivering a fabulous performance as Archie Rice. Corrine Koslo also gave an outstanding performance as Phoebe. The others had supporting parts, but as usual the whole cast was … Continue reading

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Play, Orchestra, Play

Doing all of Noel Coward’s short plays must have seemed like a great idea. Everyone loves Coward and in the current economic climate, putting on something like this was a smart move.In her introductory notes, Jackie Maxwell comments that these … Continue reading

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Born Yesterday

Wow, what a great production. Thom Marriott literally dominated the stage as Harry Brock, but Deborah hay stole the show with her performance as Billie Dawn.The show is fast paced and fun, although a bit dated. The sexism and violence … Continue reading

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Rice Boy

Sunil Kuruvilla has apparently rewritten and tightened up this play, but it still seems a bit fragmented. I wish I had notes from the last time we saw it at Canstage, because I think I liked it better the first … Continue reading

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Odd play for a Canadian author (George F. Walker) to write, but very interesting all the same. It is a modern revenge tragedy, with everyone appropriately dead at the end. Rick Roberts was excellent in the title role, as was … Continue reading

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