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Long Days Journey into Night

We saw the famous Stratford production done in 1994-1995 with William Hutt, Martha Henry, Petrr Donaldson and Tom McCamus, directed by Diana Leblanc, and remember it as a great evening. this production also directed by Diana Leblanc had another very … Continue reading

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The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs

110 minutes- no intermission. fantastic! I didn’t have any desire to leave, as the play and performances were gripping. taking off from the tale of bluebeard’s chamber, this play explores the nature of relationships and what happens when someone is given … Continue reading

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My Granny the Goldfish

Started out funny, but quickly became repetitive. “Trite” is the word I used to describe it. This is a play that should be cut back to 90 minutes and performed with no intermission, so the audience can’t leave (as we … Continue reading

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High Life

Four losers in search of a score – sounds depressing doesn’t it? But when the losers are Diego Matamoros (Dick), Michael Hanrahan (Bug), Oliver Dennis (Donnie) and Mike Ross (Billy), the result is a fantastic evening of theatre. The play … Continue reading

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Twelfth Night

I was thrilled to hear that the Stratford Shakespeare Festival had decided to film their 2011 production of Twelfth Night, as I thought it was the best I had ever seen. I am happy to report that it works just … Continue reading

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The Comedy of Errors

The combination of the National Theatre and Lenny Henry was too good to miss! Could Chef do Shakespeare? The answer is yes – no problem! a funny role is a funny role, and Lenny Henry knows what to do with … Continue reading

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