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King of Thieves

George F Walker took some charaters from Three Penny Opeara and went on from there. I my view, he did not go far enough. This is a midly amusing play, set in the 20’s. It attempts to point out that … Continue reading

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Serious Money

Set in London in 1987, when greed was the theme of the day, this is a mystery, a social commentary and a musical all wrapped into one. Apparently when it was first produced, traders used to come in groups to … Continue reading

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John Bull’s Other Island

There is a good reason that this one does not get performed very often. Not that I did not enjoy the production or the cast. Strong performances and a strong productionmade it quite an enjoyable evening of theatre. But it … Continue reading

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Age of Arousal

Five women and one man debate the need for women to be self-sufficient. A former suffragette ahs opened a typing school to teach women the skills they need to get a job that pays a reasonable wage so they do … Continue reading

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I had not considered the idea of a play as a portrait before, but this play is interesting not because of the plot, which is quite limited, but because it creates three dramatic portraits.Doc, played by RH Thomson takes the … Continue reading

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