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Alias Godot

Ever wonder why Godot didn’t come? This play has the answer and a wonderful parody of the original play to boot. Advertisements

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The Little Foxes

Lillian Hellman knew some very nasty people and had a very warped view of family relations!But this is a very interesting play, with an excellent cast to bring it to life. Regina Giddings is definitely a bitch, but equally definitely … Continue reading

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Wonderful Town

I have fond memories of My Sister Eileen, and I enjoyed this production. It is silly and slight, but has a great cast, a good set and good singing.

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Getting Married

A fun opportunity for Shaw to present his views on the institution of marriage and to take several points of view at once. I liked the play and the production, although the seance is too weird and distracting. However, it … Continue reading

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An Inspector Calls

A morality play and rather heavy handed in making the points.Peter Hutt played himself, as usual. Otherwise, a good cast, as one expects from the Shaw company.I missed the ghost wandering around on the balcony – Keith missed the stage … Continue reading

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Dirty Dancing

The movie is better, but this was still fun. Not a great play, but then it isn’t a great movie either.The most amazing thing about this production was the set, which moved in all directions and always showed up in … Continue reading

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Nicholas Nickleby

It’s hard to know how to describe this marathon production. Six hours, with a break for dinner. But it was fascinating and fun. The cast were excellent – and the writers did an amazing job of bringing the whole story … Continue reading

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