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Cyrano de Bergerac

Finally a good role for Colm Feore. Cyrano allows him to use all his talents – comedy to tragedy, but still permits him to talk about love and passion without having to demonstrate it.Mike Sharra was excellent as the lover … Continue reading

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Jersey Boys

Lots of fun and a lot better than I expected. But Des MacAnuff does this kind of show really well.Great music of my youth. I went with my mother and sister, and realised that my mother was only in her … Continue reading

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This was so bad we left at the intermission.Stoppard could not seem to decide what play he was trying to write so he just mashed them all together – the revolution in Prague, the fight with cancer, the relationship between … Continue reading

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The Walworth Farce

Very interesting – takes a traditional Irish family tragedy and presents in a farce form. It takes a while to figure out what is going on, but once you catch on, it is fascinating. funny and sad all at once. … Continue reading

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Albertine in Five Times

Michel Tremblay writes great parts for women and this play is no exception. As usual a very strong cast – Patrica Hamilton, Mary Haney, Wendy Thatcher, Jenny L. Wright and Marla Mclean play Albertine; Nicole Correia-Damude plays her sister. This … Continue reading

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Ways of the Heart

The third of the Coward trilogies and the best. The Astonished Heart was depressing, so quite unlike the usual Coward fluff. David Jansen and Claire Julien were believable lovers, Laurie Paton the forgiving wife.Family Portrait was great fun. The costumes … Continue reading

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Star Chamber

More Coward. This one the lunch time version – on it’s own. We’ve all been to this meeting, so it was very funny to watch. Neil Barclay, Fiona Byrne, and the rest all ready to leap out of the discussion … Continue reading

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