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The Crucible

If you have never seen The Crucible, take advantage of this production, because it is not likely to get any better. It is a great cast and a great production of a great play. The most frightening thing is how … Continue reading

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Speed the Plow

I hated the first fifteen minutes of this play. Nobody talks like this, or maybe everybody talks like this. It is irritating to watch. ┬áThe dialogue bounces back and forth between the two characters, Jordan Pettle and Ari Cohen, each … Continue reading

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Henry the Fifth

Des McAnuff’s last opportunity to direct a play by Shakespeare at the Stratford Festival was certain to be a block buster. Henry the Fifth provides the scope, with the hero king, the battles, the comedy and the love scenes. McAnuff … Continue reading

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I had been looking forward to this play since I read Martin Knelman’s book Stratford Tempest in which he claimed that Hirsch could not warm to Stratford as a town because it was not Winnipeg! And the Winnipeg enthusiasm was … Continue reading

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The Best Brothers

We can all imagine what it will be like, if we have not already had to deal with it – how to deal with the death of a parent. What to put in the obituary, what kind of funeral to … Continue reading

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Robert Service was a famous Canadian poet (not great, but famous) whose two most famous poems – The Shooting of Dan McGrew and The Creation of Sam McGee – are well known to the nation. A musical about the life … Continue reading

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The War of 1812

Sub-titled The History of the Village of Small Huts, this is one of a series of plays about Canadian History by Michael Hollingsworth. If only historynhad been presented like this – we might all know a lot more about our … Continue reading

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