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Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.

Bang Bang

This play is proof that you can deal with important social issues, even issues that are hard to discuss without offending someone, and still write a funny play. After three days in a row of intense drama, this was a … Continue reading

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British playwright Jez Butterworth is not a familiar name to me, but knowing that Mark Rylance originated the role of Johnny “Roster” Byron, I was keen to see this play. If you don’t have tickets, get some right away. Opening night … Continue reading

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Debbie Tucker Green has written a play about the possible involvement of the victim with defining the punishment, in this case capital punishment. In a country with no capital punishment, this causes a stretch in the willing suspension of disbelief … Continue reading

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The Humans

Thanksgiving in American homes seems always to be full of drama, and this one is no exception. Parents, grandma and sister visit the newly cohabiting couple in their scuzzy apartment in New York. Some of it is very funny, some … Continue reading

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If you don’t have tickets to this Groundlings production, get them right away! You do not want to miss Seana McKenna as Lear. Graham Abbey has assembled a stellar cast for this production combining Stratford,  Shaw and Soulpepper company members … Continue reading

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We missed this play last year, when it had a sold out run, so I was happy to have another chance to see it. The script has been updated slightly to recognize the events of the past year -Muslim bans, … Continue reading

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Written by Simon Stephens and directed by Matthew Jocelyn, the play starred two well known actors Carly Street as Georgie and David Schurmann as Alex. When you think of Heisenberg, you think of uncertainty. His famous principle (you can not … Continue reading

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