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What is Art? a small question, but dealt with seriously and cleverly in this play. We looked forward to seeing it becuase of the great cast – Peter Donaldson, Evan Buliung and Colin Mochrie are all favorites and they did … Continue reading

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The Overwhelming

Set in Rwanda on the eve of the genocide, this play asks questions about what is true and what is a lie and how can you tell the difference. Does knowing someone intimately for several years years ago really mean … Continue reading

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Daniel MacIvor has apparently described this play as a love letter to his therapist, and it certainly protrays the client therapist relationship vividly. But the play is not really about that – it is about realizing that each of us … Continue reading

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Blind Date

Cabaret style set up, with wine and free popcorn available suggest right away that this is not just another play. And when Mimi appears wearing her clown nose, the suspicion is reinforced. Improv Artist Rebecca Northan then goes shopping for … Continue reading

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Rosa Laborde who wrote Leo, has done another thought provoking play. The critics did not like the structure and found it confusing, but I disagree. I thought it waas well structured – kept you wondering what exactly was happening, but … Continue reading

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