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You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

A very good production, with a very good cast, of a very weak play. Keith worried that Aiden (5) would not get the story because he did not know the characters. This was not a problem at all. The play … Continue reading

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Three Plays After

Brian Friel created the three plays of the title based on / inspired by the works of Chekov.  The Yalta Game starred Robert King as Dimitry and Peggy Coffey as Anna. They flirt by telling each other outrageous stories of … Continue reading

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War Horse

The horses were every bit as good as claimed. The story was simple, but managed to keep the audience involved right to the end. Involvement increased to active participation, when some of the young girls in the audience were heard … Continue reading

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No Great Mischief

I loved the novel, but did not like the play at all, and actually left at the intermission. The poetry of the novel carries it forward. The play is dragged down by repetition. The characters are weighted down by their … Continue reading

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Tear the Curtain

If you love film noir, you might love this play. But if you love film noir, why not just go to the movies?  The technique was interesting for the first half hour. It was fun to watch the actors walk … Continue reading

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Between the Sheets

Jordi Mand is clearly a playwright to watch. Between the Sheets, starring Susan Coyne and Christine Horne was gripping from the first moment. The dedicated teacher meets the parent who is married to her lover. Drama ensues. I was tempted … Continue reading

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