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Two hours and no intermission – how can you do it? The only other version of Hamlet that has ever made sense is the Kenneth Branagh movie and it ran four hours!This production has been stripped down to the Revenge … Continue reading

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Stuff Happens

A group of talking heads, but my oh my, what they had to say! Combining actual quotes with speculation about what was said behind closed doors, this is a fascinating review of the George W Bush era.Michael Healey looks nothing … Continue reading

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Rocking the Cradle

Continuing in our theme of disfunctional fmaililes, Des Walsh wrote this play about a Newfoundland family that is disfunctional becuase it is not a family – there are no children. Vince and Joan appear never to have discussed whether they … Continue reading

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That Face

The night after August: Osage County, we saw That Face – a British drama about a disfunctional family with drugs, alcohol and incest and a lot of shouting.Polly Stenham wrote this play at age 19, so she is definitely someone … Continue reading

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August, Osage County

Tracy Letts has written an American disfunctional family drama that has it all – alcohol, drugs, suicide, incest and a lot of screaming and shouting. It is a very vivid portrait of a family, with each character well defined. the … Continue reading

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The Drowning Girls

Fascinating play about a serial murderer,told from the veiwpoint of three of the victims. All three were his wives, whom he drowned after marrying them to steal their money and get the insurance.Based on a true story and set in … Continue reading

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