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What the Butler Saw

Once again, I am left wondering why Soul Pepper continues to produce dated chestnuts like this one. They have a talented company who deserve to be better used. And a faithful audience who should get to see something funny when … Continue reading

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The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Shakespeare at the Studio is a new experience – very intimate and fun. This is a silly play, where the funniest performance was given by the dog, with good support from his master Robert Persichini (Launce) and his friend Bruce … Continue reading

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The Tempest

Christopher Plummer’s star power may be pulling them in, but the production as a whole is worth praise and the standing ovation it received at the end.Des McAnuff used the special effects brillaintly in this production – not only using … Continue reading

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Do Not go Gentle

Geraint Wynn Davies and Dylan Thomas – an outstanding combination. Thomas as a poet competes with Thomas the drunk, and Wynn Davies makes both totally believable. Funny and sad and beautiful. Just excellent.

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The Winter’s Tale

A very spare and elegant interpretation of the play. Ben Carlson was great as Leontes – a difficult role to play since the jealousy is so irrational and appears so suddenly. Dan Chameroy was very good as his counterpart and … Continue reading

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Dangerous Liaisons

Evil or just bored and amoral? Seana McKenna (La Marquise de Merteuil) and Tom McCamus (Le Vicomte de Valmont) were brilliant as the twosome competing to see who could cause the most trouble. The two victims Sara Topham (Le Presidente … Continue reading

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Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

We saw this performed in the early 70’s and remembered enjoying it. But once the music began, I realized that we must have bought the album and played it a lot! Unfortunatley it did not make the transition from album … Continue reading

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