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The Crucible

If you have never seen The Crucible, take advantage of this production, because it is not likely to get any better. It is a great cast and a great production of a great play. The most frightening thing is how … Continue reading

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Long Days Journey into Night

We saw the famous Stratford production done in 1994-1995 with William Hutt, Martha Henry, Petrr Donaldson and Tom McCamus, directed by Diana Leblanc, and remember it as a great evening. this production also directed by Diana Leblanc had another very … Continue reading

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Soulpepper excells at moody plays, so Ibsen is right up their alley. This production of Ghosts is no exception – it was just excellent. The acting and direction made sure that the dialogue and plot were clear. Nothing prevented you … Continue reading

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White Biting Dog

Directed by Nancy Palk (her first effort) and starrring Fiona Reid as Lomia, Joseph Ziegler as Glidden, Gregory Prest as Pascal, Mike Ross as Cape and Michaela Washburn as Pony, thisplay by Judith Thompson can easily be described as wierd. … Continue reading

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Death of a Salesman

I have studied this play, but had never seen it performed, so I was curious to see it. I should probably have read it again before going, as I clearly had very little memory of the play at all. The … Continue reading

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