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Three Sisters

We hate Chekov – there, I’ve said it! We only went to this production because the cast was so strong that we thought if anyone could make us like it, they could.The cast was fantastic – Lucy Peacock as Masha, … Continue reading

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Bartholomew Fair

We went to two lectures about his play to try to get a feel for it. Both lecturers (one of whom was Sandy Leggatt) described it as impossible to read, so we did not even try. Leggatt described it as … Continue reading

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This production seems to have divided audiences along age lines. The younger you were, the more you liked it. The very young loved the energy and the action. The not quite so young loved the rock references and the energy. … Continue reading

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Ever Yours, Oscar

Brain Bedford reading the letters of Oscar Wilde. He reads well and Wilde writes well, so the combination was very effective and surprisingly moving.

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Julius Caesar

This is undoubtedly the best Julius Caesar that I have ever seen. (even counting the Stratford production with RH Thomson as Mark Anthony, where he had all the teenagers in the audience swooning over his good looks and great physique).Ben … Continue reading

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A two hour production with no intermission and the audience was totally captured throughout!Seana McKenna turned in a fantastic performance – the look on her face when she found out that Hipploytus was in love with Aricie was worth the … Continue reading

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We had high hopes for this production with Colm Feore in the starring role. But somehow it did not come together. the chemistry between Feore and Yanna MacIntosh as Lady Macbeth just did not make it out to the audience, … Continue reading

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