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Caesar and Cleopatra

Everyone else loved this production, but I managed to sleep through part of the first act. It was a great spectacle, but I have become accustomed to the importance of the words in a Shaw play, and I think the … Continue reading

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Emilia Galotti

Our second German origin play in a week. (The Black Rider was the other.) This one was in German with surtitles.A really excellent production that was visually arresting and totally fascinating. the cast were excellent and the staging was great. … Continue reading

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The Black Rider

This one was certainly not our usual style, but I liked it. Visually stunning and almost like a ballet in the way the actors moved. I can’t say I will ever like the music, which I found jarring and loud.The … Continue reading

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Frost Nixon

A production that redeemed Canadian Stage. Len Cariou was amazing as Nixon, – he didn’t look like him, but he was him!We actually remember exactly where we were the evening Nixon resigned – Antoine’s restaurant on Eglinton. We were annoyed … Continue reading

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