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Bethune Imagined

Not one of our favorites this year. We would have stayed through the whole thing if it had been a no intermission event, but the thought of hanging around for 15 minutes to sit through more was just not appealing. … Continue reading

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Wide Awake Hearts

Great staging, sound and lights. Great performances from all four actors – Maev Beaty, Raoul Bhaneja, Lesley Faulkner and Gord Rand.But somehow the play just does not work. I enjoyed Gall’s earlier play, Alias Godot, but this one did not … Continue reading

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The Year of Magical Thinking

Generally, I am happy to watch Seana McKenna in anything, but when she gets material like this, the result is outstanding. Joan Didion’s play about the year in which her husband and daughter died is beautiful – more of a … Continue reading

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Death of a Salesman

I have studied this play, but had never seen it performed, so I was curious to see it. I should probably have read it again before going, as I clearly had very little memory of the play at all. The … Continue reading

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Peter Pan

We waited to the very end to see this play so that Aiden could be as old as possible. At 3 and three quarters, he was barely there. But he did stay through the whole play and did not want … Continue reading

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The Andersen Project

A Robert Lepage spectacle that has received tremendous reviews. I liked it and found it very impressive from a technical point of view, but the story was definitely secondary to the spectacle, so the evening dragged after we passed the … Continue reading

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