Wonderful, amazing, brilliant, fabulous – all are adjectives that came to mind during and after this show!
There are many reasons this play is not frequently performed. The plot is complicated; it is difficult to describe what it is about since it is about so many things. It is difficult to read and hard to follow. The brilliance of this production lay in the way Antoni Cimolino, the director, managed to separate all the threads of the plot and then bring them all together at the end for a happy conclusion. The bad guys were punished and the good guys triumphed – a very satisfactory conclusion indeed.
Direction was essential, but so was a great cast. Cara Ricketts and Graham Abbey were excellent as Innogen and Posthumous. Mike Shara was hilarious as the disgusting Cloten. Yanna McIntosh was the perfect evil Queen. Peter Hutt scuttled about as the doctor. Tom McCamus was a tremendous cad as Iachimo and Geraint Wynn Davies was majestic as Cymbeline.
The Patterson remains my favourite stage for Shakespeare. somehow the constraints of the stage inspire directors to great things and this was no exception. The fight scenes were amazing, the lighting was brilliant.
At the intermission, the mood of ghe audience was almost hesitant, as though no one could believe that we were really seeing something this good. But by the end of the play, there was no doubt and the standing ovation was real, immediate and enthusiastic.


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Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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One Response to Cymbeline

  1. Keith says:

    Okay, so Cimolino does magic.Cathy danced around it but, really, Cymbeline is a crappy play.It is a rag-bag of stories all thrown together and not mixed very well. I cannot believe I stood up and applauded at the end of this performance. But I did.Cimolino clearly understands how to use the Patterson and, even with the limited budget he probably had for the production, got some great effects: the spot-lit Aquila, the battle scene. He even left in the god scene and made it work – amazing.Also, while it is more fun to be grumpy, and it's getting boring repeating this – the cast was excellent.I do want to pick out Cara Ricketts, though. Her Imogen (Innogen? Whatever.) was exceptional. I think the best performance I have seen from her. And Graham Abbey made that idiot Posthumus actually seem reasonable. I'll stop there, or I am just going to just run through the cast.Except to say Brian Tree did a great job of my hero, Pisanio.

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