French Without Tears

Another piece of fluff, this time by Terence Rattigan. It was amusing but unmemorable. I did think that given the abundance of French immersion classes for civil servants in this country, the setting could have been changed and the politics updated to add a little more bite.

But as it was, it was an amusing evening anf nothing more.


About cathyriggall

Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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One Response to French Without Tears

  1. Keith says:

    I agree the play could be profitably updated; but even without that, a less pronounced "Chip, chip, old boy" presentation would have made it seem less dated and creaky.There's no great message here, just a comedy about young men coming to terms with growing up – and particularly girls – so it needs to be either timeless or modern. This was neither.I thought the cast did what they could with the play, but it was not worth the bother.

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