His Girl Friday

Not ready for prime time! A good cast, an amusing play, but not a good production.
It seemed that director Jim Mezon could not decide if he was directing a farce, a melodrama or a romantic comedy, as elements of all thrre showed up.
The most jarring element was the hounding and death of Molly Malloy. The sinister actions of the pack of heretofore bumbling reporters came out of nowhere. It was frightening and effective, but wrong in the overall context of the play. It was so jarring that when we got home we watched the Cary Grant movie version to see hoe the movie handled it. The scene was there. The difference was that Molly is shown to survive the fall. This did not happen in the play, and in my opinion, was a serious error.
Good performances by Ben Campbell and Nichole Underhay, as expected.


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Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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One Response to His Girl Friday

  1. Keith says:

    We saw a preview; I think an early preview, so hopefully some of the clumsiness of the production was fixed before it opened.But the bigger problem was either Guare's adaption or Mezon's direction – and I think it is probably the former as Mezon knows how to put on a play.The mood is all over the place, the updating to the eve of the second world war was a head-scratcher. It didn't seem to add anything to the story. If you were looking at an update, why not to the Murdoch era? Other wise, leave it alone.Mollie's jump was definitely a wrong note. I don't think it is the live/die option so much as the amoral and lazy group of reporters translating into a murderous wolf pack seemed off-key. It did not signal a change in tone of the play, it just seemed dropped in out of some different play. In the movie it is much more low key and just part of the "everything is a story" cynicism of the reporters.The cast was generally good, especially Underhay, Bundy, Millard, Kennedy and Marriott, but I felt sorry for Wendy Thatcher stuck with this version of the mother role. Benedict Campbell did pretty well, but did not seem comfortable in this role – and I do not think the Burns character is as well integrated as in either the original play or the film.I enjoyed both the "Front Page" Shaw did a few years ago and The Grant/Russell "His Girl Friday" both more successful. And more fun.

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