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The Merry Wives of Windsor

Not one of Shakespeare’s better efforts, but still a fun afternoon. This sir John Falstaff is definitely the fool, not the sad drunk. Geraint Wynn Davies has a lot of fun with the role and the audience has fun, too.Lucy … Continue reading

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The Homecoming

For decades Keith has raved about seeing this play with Vivian Merchant as Ruth, so I was curious to have a chance to see it at last. We had the pleasure of hearing Brian Dennehy and Stephen Ouimette talk about … Continue reading

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Having seen what has long been considered “the” performance of this play starring Richard Monette and Richard Donat at Tarragon in 1974, a production that we found astoundingly good, we were nervous about many things: would the play itself stand … Continue reading

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The Misanthrope

We saw a modern version of the play last winter. Looking back I concluded then “that while it was funny it was not a very good play.”This time around the play seems better, but I am struggling to figure out … Continue reading

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The Little Years

John Mighton , the founder of the JUMP math program and fellow of the Fields Institute wrote this play and several others. The others have won awards – this one did not, a act that I do not find surprising … Continue reading

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Titus Andronicus

I was very keen to see this production, as I have been fascinated since the first tme I saw it in 2000. At that production, I went in cold, knowing nothing about the play at all. I remember leaving the … Continue reading

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Twelfth Night

It is such a thrill to see a play that you have seen several times before and see something totally new!Des McAnuff’s production managed it. Shakespeare did not write musicals, but somehow McAnuff managed to find enough in the music … Continue reading

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