Timon of Athens

Director – Stephen Ouimette

Starring Joseph Zeigler as Timon, Josue Laboucane as the Poet, Mike Nadajewski as the Painter, Michael Spencer Davis as Flavius (Timon’s steward), Ben Carlson as Apemantus and Tim Campbell as Alcibiades.

Everyone says this is a difficult play, but after seeing this wonderful production, you have to wonder why? Stephen Ouimette has directed a very clear and coherent modern dress version. Joseph Zeigler gives us a charming and passionate Timon. He likes everyone and assumes they like him to. When they turn out to be false friends, he is devastated and retreats to the wilderness.

Very strong performances by Ben Carlson as Apemantus and TIm Campbell as Alcibiades, (who looks like he just stepped out of a Canadain Forces recruiting brochure, ) also make this a must see play this season.  You don’t want to miss the poet or the painter either! And the dancing!

Timon is not often performed, so make sure you see it.



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Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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One Response to Timon of Athens

  1. keithhpotter says:

    I am glad we had a read-through of this play earlier, although this is a very clear production. Stephen Ouimette also directed a great previous production we saw with the much-missed Peter Donaldson and certainly has a way with this rather awkward play. Cathy tells me we also saw a NTL production with Simon Russell Beale – which should have made an impression – but I don’t remember it at all.
    It is hard to have much sympathy for Timon – he is a fool at the beginning and a fool at the end, he just expresses his foolishness differently – nor are the other characters sympathetic, except for Flavius. I wanted to get Flavius Fan Club teeshirts made, but Cathy won’t let me. Michael Spencer Davis does a great job of the faithful steward.
    The rest of the cast was also good, but it has to be Zeigler’s show. Ouimette allows him to shine; my only complaint would be he is allowed to appear less of a posturing fool than Timon is.
    Go and see this show. Your are not likely to see another version for some years, and, in any case, it is unlikely it would surpass this one.

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