Romeo and Juliet

Director – Scott Wentworth

Starring Sara Farb as Juliet, Antoine Yared as Romeo, Evan Buliung as Mercutio, Jamie Mac as Benvolio, Wayne Best as Friar Laurence, and Seana McKenna as the Nurse.

This was a very dark production in many senses. The costumes were overwhelmingly black and grey for the nobility and beige and brown for the servants. Only Mercutio stood out with a bright red jacket! Juliet wore pale blue.

But it was also a dark production in that there were many symbols of death and sin. The chorus of nurses and the apothecary, wearing a strange frightening looking bird mask all added to the atmosphere of doom.

It was also a young production, where the principal characters were clearly young teenagers, not mature adults. It occurred to me that if they had lived, divorce might have been in the future, they knew so little about each other or about life.

Seana McKenna was fabulous as the Nurse. It is worth going to see her for no other reason.  But see the whole thing. It is a very good production. You don’t want to miss Evan Buliung’s Mercutio ( he seemed much more comfortable in this role than as Sky Masterson). You should see Wayne Best!s Friar Laurence. And you don’t want to miss seeing the star crossed lovers – two leading performers destined to become stars of the company.


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Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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One Response to Romeo and Juliet

  1. keithhpotter says:

    I agree that it was a dark production – all the black costumes may be historically accurate, but I like to see the two houses distinguished. Also the chorus and widows made it darker and I thought were unhelpful and unnecessary. I know it’s a tragedy but I need to be able to contrast the tragic ending and final reconciliation with the thoughtless, youthful energy at the beginning.
    And the production vibrated with hatred – I thought Tybalt, Zlatomir Moldovanski, was going to have a heart attack before he could be killed!
    Despite the darkness, Romeo and Juliet did provide some brightness. Farb and Yared are young actors (sometimes Juliet in particular is played by embarrassingly old actresses) and managed to project even younger characters. Sara Farb was a particularly effective teenager, although I look forward to seeing her in roles where the character has more edge. (Mary, later in the season, may partially satisfy this desire, she was very good in this role previously in The Last Wife.) Antoine Yared has come a long way.He always seemed to have potential, but, until last year, I had trouble with his speech (accent, enunciation? I don’t know); but both in Macbeth last year and R&J this year this problem has disappeared and he has been excellent.
    So, on balance a very good production, thanks to the strong cast and a clear reading of the story, even if I didn’t like the tone.

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