Author – Guillermo Calderon; Director – Aslie Corcoran

Bana- Dalal Badr

Youssif – Greg Gale

Ahmed – Carlos Gonzalez-vio

Hadell – Naomi Wright

Interpreter – Liza BalkaN

Ameera’s sister – Bahareh Yaraghi

Described as a play within a play, Kiss is much more than that. Cultural confusion caused by assumptions based on very limited knowledge of another culture turns a comedy into a tragedy and a political statement.

This co-production with Theatre Smash & Arc was part of the Canadian Stage season and is a positive result from their move away from the safety of the old, white canon to plays that reflect the broader world we live in today. A Chilean born writer, who lives in the US, has written a play about a western cast misunderstanding a play supposedly written by a middle eastern woman. It points out the many preconceived ideas we all have and how hard it is to understand others.

Interesting play, well directed and acted.


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Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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2 Responses to Kiss

  1. keithhpotter says:

    So, the first run-through of the play-within-the-play is a tele nova, with characters watching a tele nova, followed by an explanation of the cultural coding in the play via a supposed Skype interview , followed by several over-wrought attempts to re-stage the play (at high speed) based on the new knowledge, followed by a finale which exposed the actual play.
    I felt meta-theatred to death. I have no doubts about the actors commitment, nor that of the rest of those involved in the production, but the layers lost my emotional commitment somewhere along the line. Nice try but…

  2. keithhpotter says:

    Tele Nova = Tele Novella

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