The Addams Family

Once again, local amateur talent brought together by Stratford Community Players presented a very polished and very enjoyable production.

There were no weak cast members, but I especially enjoyed Jim Hill as Fester, Jeff Lausten as Lurch and Chloe Weir as Alice Beineke.

The staging and lighting were quite amazing. Given the constraints of a high school auditorium, the director Tina Robinson, and choreographer Kelly Ann Aarts, did great things with the space available. The orchestra may have been seated off to the side, but they were definitely a key part of the show.

I am looking forward to next year’s production already.


About cathyriggall

Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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One Response to The Addams Family

  1. keithhpotter says:

    I didn’t grow up with this show but – based on this production – it looks like fun. Perhaps I should check out You Tube.

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