The young Hamlet is still at university in Wittenberg, where he is the protege of both Martin Luther and Dr Faust. Each tries to win him over: Luther wants to save his soul, Faust wants him to think for himself.

At the same time, Luther and Faust are each trying to convince the other of the validity of his world view. Luther wants to defend the Church, but hates the actions of many of its leaders,selling indulgences and spending money on monuments. He believes in God, but not the Church. Luther wants him to listen to facts and logic. The sun does not revolve around the earth, even if the Church says it does!

The play is a series of arguments, using words and phrases from Shakespeare and from Luther and Marlowe  to defend the various positions. Some of it is quite funny, particularly when the audience catches the references. It is not a play for anyone who is unfamiliar with Hamlet, Dr Faustus or Martin Luther’s famous document pinned to the door of the church.

The cast was very good, but I could not help recasting it mentally with Stratford talent. My ideal cast will have Graham Abbey as Martin Luther, Mike Shara as Fautus and Andre Morin as Hamlet.


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Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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One Response to Wittenberg

  1. keithhpotter says:

    Hamlet is just in this play to be a foil for Faustus and Luther – and as an excuse to steal good lines from Shakespeare. It is Faustus and Luther who carry the play, particularly Faustus, and the actors in this production were well up to it. David Dickinson, as Faustus, was particularly strong but Marshall Glass, in the less flashy role of Luther, was also excellent – and the other three cast members also did well. Overall, it was the most professional cast we have seen at Southwest Shakespeare.
    The play is not particularly deep, but it is fun, well structured and presented smoothly.
    An enjoyable evening of theatre.

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