The Seminar

Tom McCamus starred in this production at the Royal Manitoba Theatre and definitely dominated the stage. Not because  he was upstaging everyone else, but because the role called for it.

The play is about a writer giving a private seminar to four would be writers. At least that is the plot device. The play is actually about truth and whether people truly want to hear it. Each of the four gets a critique and deals with it in a different way. And of course, they give him their opinions as well.

McCamus was brilliant as Leonard, raging about the stage in frustration. His voice is just perfect for this role.

The rest of the cast were also very good – Andrea Houssin as Kate, Grace Lynn Fung as Izzy, Nathan Howe as Martin and Ryan James Miller as Douglas.


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Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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One Response to The Seminar

  1. keithhpotter says:

    Belated catch-up – I saw the play at a matinee when it got to Toronto, same cast and production though.

    McCamus and the rest of the cast were great, as was the set and costuming.

    The writing was sharp and funny but, strangely considering the message about how it was important to rise above the mechanics of writing to get to the soul of real art, it seemed rather mechanical. Similarly, the well-presented characters were stereotypes.

    One character is dismissed as someone who should write for movies or TV, as his writing is technically excellent, but has no soul, and so is hollow; it sounds like self-criticism by the play’s author. Still, unlike the author, I have respect for a good artisan, and that’s the craft on display here, so I enjoyed it.

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