The Trouble with Mr Adams

What do you say about a middle aged man who thinks that a teenage girl is going to run away and live with him, that his wife will be happier if he leaves her, that the girl’s parents will not be angry and that all that is really important is that he is happy?

Self centred idiot comes to mind.

It was a creepy play about a creepy man. The cast was very good, the play was well structured, the dialogue only occasionally pompous, but it was hard to watch. I had no sympathy for Mr Adams from the beginning and my distaste increased with everything he said, culminating at the point when he fell back on the “she was really asking for it” defence.

I left the theatre wondering why we were supposed to care? This was not a defence of true love, no matter how often Mr Adams claimed that that was what was important. It was more an expose of the delusion that self centred men can create when they want something forbidden and do not have the moral fibre to just say no.

Philippa Domville was excellent as the wife; Allegra Fulton equally good as the lawyer,  and Sydney Owchar is definitely a young actress to watch for. Chris Earle as Gary had the hardest job, since his character was so horrible, but he was also good.

Gord Rand needs to find a better subject for his talent.


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Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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One Response to The Trouble with Mr Adams

  1. keithhpotter says:

    The subject seemed like new look at the topic covered in Oleana (that’s not right – but you know the play I mean, the student accuses the professor of using his position for sexual favours).
    However, it isn’t really. Nothing happened, but the smear is enough to end Adam’s career and the “Pure Love” he would do anything for in the first act is sacrificed in the second act to save, to some degree, his career, if not his marriage. The third act is just sad – the girl moves on, he cannot.

    I thought it was a okay play with some good lines, but it was not gripping in any way. I cannot see it lasting.

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