Pirates of Penzance

Aiden, age 5, described the play as “awesome.” He wiggled and whispered a bit, but overall seemed caught up in the action particularly when the pirates were centre stage. He was less enthused about the maidens.

I agree with his view: this is an excellent production and a lot of fun even if you are not a big fan of Gilbert and Sullivan.

The tribute to the 60th Anniversary of the Festival was fun and fit perfectly with the tone.

Sean Arbuckle was particularly good as The Pirate King. I don’t know how he managed to look so much slimmer in this role than in 42nd Street!







About cathyriggall

Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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One Response to Pirates of Penzance

  1. Keith Potter says:

    I’m not a Gilbert & Sullivan fan and anyway the Cornish were wreckers, rather than pirates – ask any Devon man.
    Now that I have got that out of my system, this was a fast, fun production and I only wriggled a little bit more than Aiden.
    I didn’t see the point of the backstage framing of the play, though. It just got it off to a slow start.

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