Everyone has been saying that the Ben Carlson Hamlet was going to be a great one, and for once they were right. His performance was consistently excellent – clear, coherent and full of humanity.

Geraint Wynn Davies made Pollonius come to life – without a doubt the best Pollonius I have ever seen. He was funny and fatherly at the same time. Yuo could see and understand the relationship he had with his children, and you could see why he was a valued counsellor tot he King.

The staging was interesting, but the pool table was a conceit that did not work. Sitting in front row centre, the view was definitely obstructed! And how often can you say that about great seats?


About cathyriggall

Theatre junkie, who thinks live theatre is the ultimate form of living on the edge. You never know what will happen when an actor steps on the stage.
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One Response to Hamlet

  1. Keith says:

    Definitely the only competition to the Branagh movie in plot clarity and character development – and an hour shorter!Besides the great Carlson Hamlet, Polonius, Ophelia and Horatio are also standouts in a really excellent cast.

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